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In Praise Of Health & Safety

As far as I’m concerned we should ban umbrellas for anyone who can’t carry them higher than 6ft from the ground! Yeah, you might not want to get wet – but I don’t want to lose an eye. It’s not just the

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Oh, For Christ’s Sake!

When the christian right (for it is always them) complain that they are a persecuted minority, they should be reminded of the past week when David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Jack Straw and God-knows-who-else have all been falling over themselves to

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Land and People

I love and respect the land I was born in but I do not recognise the artificial borders dictated by kings and politicians. I take pride in the achievements of my ancestors, my brothers and sisters. I celebrate the accumulated

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Us Dreads

Originally posted on standupandspit:
In I981 the English Centre Poetry Competition got thousands of poems from Inner London Education Authority schools. In 1982 several were published in a book, City Lines. The book is collectable today mainly for some of…

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Oops! Mail on Sunday hack f*cks up his story attacking food banks

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire – it’s the Mail!) The Mail on Sunday sent out one of its most experienced reporters to do a hatchet job on food banks and Citizens’ Advice Centres today. Mail hack Ross…

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Stand By Me

In the week where we commemorated 25 years since the Hillsborough tragedy a few things have struck me. First and foremost what has struck me has been the solidarity and dignity of the people of Liverpool, who for 25 years

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Cameron On Holiday (Again!)

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Clapton Ultras (we love you)

Originally posted on TheAccidentalAnarchist :
OMG I went to a football match today and I fucking loved it. Over the last few weeks events at Clapton FC have been the talk of most antifascists groups in London. It started when the…

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Britpop: The Scene That Smothered Itself

I love the rosy glow of nostalgia as much as the next man but the 20th anniversary of Britpop is not something I choose to celebrate. No. The day that Stuart Maconie (for apparently it was him) decided to lump

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