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Not A Matter Of Life And Death…?

Street kids are being murdered to clean up Brazil ahead of the World Cup.  Can this be justified for a game of football? Fuck FIFA. Fuck Football. Fuck the sponsors, the TV, the corporates and the class traitors who flaunt their

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It’s The Environment, Stupid!

The global capitalist system is based on the concept of compound growth. Even the communists sought to prove themselves in terms of productivity. This was and is a grave mistake. The world on which we live has limited space and

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Ip Dip Bullshit

I am unequivocal in my opposition to censorship so I will not challenge Jeremy Clarkson’s right to spout whatever shit pops into his vile and hateful mind. I do however, object to a large chunk of the license fee (reportedly

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This Is Why Health & Safety Isn’t A Joke!

This footage shows why health and safety isn’t a joke – and why comedians, like Stephen Fry (who should know better) who make a joke out of health and safety are actually playing with people’s lives.

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