Politician, Scientist & Priest

Politician, scientist & priest,
Defining the reality that we see,
But their mediation and validation,
Reflects neither my experience nor explanation.

Politician, we know your role,
A smoke screen to maintain control,
In the hands of the privileged and wealthy,
Just like it’s been throughout our history,
You say expectations must be realistic,
But that’s just part of your slick trick,
The reality of capitalism is exploitation,
And rampant global devastation!

Scientist boasts of objectivity,
But his research is funded by industry,
Paying the piper and calling the tune,
In scientific reports that we all consume,
Academia ostracises dissidents,
So research is never independent,
Maintaining the materialist paradigm,
Objectivity is fatally undermined.

Priest presents as opposition,
To scientific materialism,
Where science denies our spiritual side,
Priest he welcomes arms spread wide,
Peak experience? Proof of God!
But the texts he quotes are historical frauds,
Long ago re-written by earthly “Lords”,
Mass subjugation thus ensured.

These people con us to believe,
A choice of world-views makes us free,
Choice of ideology, theory and religion,
Divide and rule supports oppression,
The choice they offer ain’t there at all,
Cos each is corruption, power and control,
Its time we found our own meanings for once,
And fuck the lot of them cos they’re all cunts!


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