Clapton Ultras (we love you)

I came across this excellent article from The Accidental Anarchist. I could fall in love with football again!


OMG I went to a football match today and I fucking loved it.

Over the last few weeks events at Clapton FC have been the talk of most antifascists groups in London. It started when the Clapton FC chief executive Vincent Mcbean released a statement on their Website entitled “Antifa Statement” on the 20th March 2014. ( It somehow implies that the supporters of Clapton are doing something wrong by being left wing and antifascist and subsequently the far right had decided to take offence to whatever they were doing. After threats made by the Far right towards the club and the antifa statement in response a lot of the supporters took umbridge to this and letters where sent to the Chief Executive ( The statement may have been a commercial one or a diversionary one but it created a bit of a storm. With the threat of attacks on…

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