INNER TERRESTRIALS: Tales Of Terror A rabble-rousing anarchist ska-punk extravaganza, taking on religion, state and capital in equal measure. I defy anyone not to like this. It reminds me of the folk music that came out of the Spanish Revolution – not so much in musical style but in content and intent. I can see people still singing these songs in a hundred years – although I’d rather they didn’t need to.

YOUNG FATHERS: Dead This is quite possibly the album of 2014. Innovative and unexpected with interweaving rhythms sliding in between of the vocals creating surprises and contradictions rather than the usual safe bed for tales of self-aggrandisement. In its leap of imagination it brings to mind the another Big Dada artist, Roots Manuva. That is good company to be in – but Young Fathers very much go their own way  – although at the time of writing, and despite almost universal good reviews it looks to have been somewhat overlooked for the lowest common denominator shit that clogs the airwaves. The opening track No Way lets you know what to expect while not preparing you for the breadth of imagination on display. The recent single Get Up might be the high point – but then it might be something else. Listen and find out.


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