7ft Angel (1996)

The Crimson Iguanadon died in 1995 but as Emma Goldman said, finalities are for gods and governments. Although gods and governments feature heavily in 7ft Angel, I was having none of their finalities, none of their apocalypse. Ba is one of the five ancient Egyptian aspects of the soul that survives death. The personification of the impression that individuals make on the world around them, made possible by the opening of the mouth after death. Death and rebirth, mad-love and derangement, hypnotic rhythms, repetition, automatic writing, cut-ups. For everyone there is an image that will destroy the universe – or will capital and state get there first?

Track Listing

  1. Too Long Numb
  2. Phoenix
  3. Sometimes Cat
  4. 7ft Angel
  5. 15
  6. Monochrome
  7. A Sponge Submerged in Heaven

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