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The Medicalisation Of Resistance

With the bandwagon jumping skills that have got him where he is today, Nick Clegg has used conjunction of the Lib-Dem Conference and World Mental Health Day to announce that the coalition will spend the princely sum of £120 million

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Hello Pussycat. Why’ve You Got Your Head In A Bucket?

This week I have found myself feeling like the Smash robots observing the more bizarre aspects of human behaviour. The Ice Bucket Challenge has reportedly now raised over £48M. Whilst this is undoubtedly a partial testament to human generosity it

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The Welfare State?

The State wishes it to be known that although it clearly couldn’t give a monkeys about working class kids being abused, it will launch a man-hunt should loving parents disagree with medical opinion. At a time when many of those

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This Is Why Health & Safety Isn’t A Joke!

This footage shows why health and safety isn’t a joke – and why comedians, like Stephen Fry (who should know better) who make a joke out of health and safety are actually playing with people’s lives.

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In Praise Of Health & Safety

As far as I’m concerned we should ban umbrellas for anyone who can’t carry them higher than 6ft from the ground! Yeah, you might not want to get wet – but I don’t want to lose an eye. It’s not just the

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You Couldn’t Make It Up!

People across Facebook have raised £8 million for Cancer Research through no make-up selfies. According to Cancer Research this will be enough to fund ten additional clinical trials. This is approximately what just one pharmaceutical company (Novartis) makes in just

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The Cancer Of The Profit Motive

Although it intended otherwise, a recent report from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) further proved how free market capitalism is failing cancer patients. This time it’s children, who are being denied potentially life-saving cancer drugs due to the cost

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More Profits From The Sick

Further evidence of the conflicts of interest running rife within the medical industry / service. NHS bosses allowed a lobbying company working for some of the world’s biggest drugs and medical equipment firms to write a draft report which could

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Health & Safety Gone Mad!

We often hear about “health and safety gone mad”. Whether it’s politicians looking for an excuse not to do something, newspapers seeking a shock headline or comedians looking for a cheap laugh, health and safety is an easy target. I

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Sale Of NHS Data: Invasion Of Privacy & Conflict Of Interests

From March 2014 drug companies, insurance companies and god-knows who else will be able to buy patient information gathered by the NHS, including mental health conditions and diseases such as cancer, as well as smoking and drinking habits. Obviously private

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