The Crimson Iguanadon

Eng-a-land swings like a pendulum do. Dowsing the rhythms of the everlasting eschaton. Dancing to the beat of the truncheon even as it seeks to suppress the surreal beauty of the universe in favour of the usarian “reality” of capital and state. Reeling to the ever-youthful spirit of revolution.

The Crimson Iguanadon grew from mutated DNA, forged in the fried mind of the Master Of None after the premature death of the anarcho-punk band, Active Conspiracy. With its roots back in the days of tape cassette and photocopier, The Crimson Iguanadon was always envisaged as a multi-media project. DIY not EMI. Cassettes were produced with either fold out sleeves or, more usually, A5 booklets containing lyrics, artwork, poems and other musings. Independent and underground distribution through the likes of Acid Stings, Old Europa Cafe, Audiophile Tapes, and Guardian Tapes – many thanks. Fanzines such as The Organ and Dog – thanks again. Actively producing material from 1987 to 2001. Spiritual death and rebirth as Ba in 1995. Ba coalesced and reformed into The Crimson Iguanadon between 1998 and 2001. Recreated from a speck of amethyst in 2007. Continuing transmissions from the Paws of the Sphinx. Some links are posted below – others might follow…


Eponymous (1987)

One Man & His Ostrich (1988)

Blank Space (1989)

Kang (1990)

Disintegration Is Bliss (1992)

Playing The Blues On A Dead Man’s Guitar (1993)

Keeping Up With The Joneses (1995)

7 ft Angel (1996)

Soul Ever Meeting Same (2000)


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