Soul Ever Meeting Same (2000)

The title for Soul Ever Meeting Same came from a quote from Edgar Cayce’s readings relating to reincarnation. Soul Ever Meeting Same continues directly from the apocalypse of 7ft Angel. The universe exploding out of a timeless spaceless singularity, generated by the exponential growth of self-awareness. Ultimately it was about the tension between individuality and the collective; a tension that is played out in all levels of existence. It was about the personal, the political, the physical and the metaphysical. It is about the inter-connecting bubbles of sentience. Cycles of evolution; pulses of life, fluctuating between states, on, off, yes, no, black white. A multiplicity of interconnected possibilities, interacting with those around you. The more you share, the greater number of alternatives open up to you. Combining through love overcoming self-interest. Becoming one.

Track Listing

  1. I
  2. Nice Life
  3. Deep Blue Sunset
  4. Black & White
  5. Barrel-Head
  6. Everlasting Eschaton

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