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The Only Church That Illuminates…

For many years it seems us secularists have been too timid in our defence of our liberties. Despite people of no religious views now forming the second largest religious classification in the UK (after the largely nominal followers of the

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The Medicalisation Of Resistance

With the bandwagon jumping skills that have got him where he is today, Nick Clegg has used conjunction of the Lib-Dem Conference and World Mental Health Day to announce that the coalition will spend the princely sum of £120 million

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We’re Class Traitors & We Do What We Want

I have no interest in the last minute wheeler-dealing that’ll see another ageing star looking for one last pay day at Harry’s Home For Retired Workhorses. In fact I don’t care about any of it. We’ve been there and done

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Hello Pussycat. Why’ve You Got Your Head In A Bucket?

This week I have found myself feeling like the Smash robots observing the more bizarre aspects of human behaviour. The Ice Bucket Challenge has reportedly now raised over £48M. Whilst this is undoubtedly a partial testament to human generosity it

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Not A Matter Of Life And Death…?

Street kids are being murdered to clean up Brazil ahead of the World Cup.  Can this be justified for a game of football? Fuck FIFA. Fuck Football. Fuck the sponsors, the TV, the corporates and the class traitors who flaunt their

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Ip Dip Bullshit

I am unequivocal in my opposition to censorship so I will not challenge Jeremy Clarkson’s right to spout whatever shit pops into his vile and hateful mind. I do however, object to a large chunk of the license fee (reportedly

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This Is Why Health & Safety Isn’t A Joke!

This footage shows why health and safety isn’t a joke – and why comedians, like Stephen Fry (who should know better) who make a joke out of health and safety are actually playing with people’s lives.

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In Praise Of Health & Safety

As far as I’m concerned we should ban umbrellas for anyone who can’t carry them higher than 6ft from the ground! Yeah, you might not want to get wet – but I don’t want to lose an eye. It’s not just the

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Oops! Mail on Sunday hack f*cks up his story attacking food banks

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire – it’s the Mail!) The Mail on Sunday sent out one of its most experienced reporters to do a hatchet job on food banks and Citizens’ Advice Centres today. Mail hack Ross…

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You Couldn’t Make It Up!

People across Facebook have raised £8 million for Cancer Research through no make-up selfies. According to Cancer Research this will be enough to fund ten additional clinical trials. This is approximately what just one pharmaceutical company (Novartis) makes in just

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