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We’re Class Traitors & We Do What We Want

I have no interest in the last minute wheeler-dealing that’ll see another ageing star looking for one last pay day at Harry’s Home For Retired Workhorses. In fact I don’t care about any of it. We’ve been there and done

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Not A Matter Of Life And Death…?

Street kids are being murdered to clean up Brazil ahead of the World Cup.  Can this be justified for a game of football? Fuck FIFA. Fuck Football. Fuck the sponsors, the TV, the corporates and the class traitors who flaunt their

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Stand By Me

In the week where we commemorated 25 years since the Hillsborough tragedy a few things have struck me. First and foremost what has struck me has been the solidarity and dignity of the people of Liverpool, who for 25 years

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Clapton Ultras (we love you)

Originally posted on TheAccidentalAnarchist :
OMG I went to a football match today and I fucking loved it. Over the last few weeks events at Clapton FC have been the talk of most antifascists groups in London. It started when the…

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Why It Will Never Be More Than 1 World Cup!

The Germans saved their game and a reaping the benefits. The English allowed their to be sold to the highest bidder and are seeing it wither and die. ” In 1993, a year after the Premier League appeared, the German FA

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You And Whose Army?

There is currently a petition doing the rounds on the internet supporting three Spurs supporters who are due in court, apparently accused of using the word “yid” in the terraces. The petition calls on all “true yiddos and yidettes” and indeed all

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Still Looking For The Dribble-Down Effect

Transfer time again and we get the chance to hear about the lucrative contracts of top flight footballers. This carnival of greed feeds on the clubs’ desperation to stay in the top division as inequality in the distribution of footballing

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