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Rubens Has Been Shot (Again)!

I love history – and I love historical monuments. I love the feeling of walking in the footsteps of people hundreds and thousands of years past and the feeling of connection and continuity you get. But the outcry over the

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You’ve Been Framed

I did not watch the video of ISIS burning Moaz al-Kasasbeh alive. It was unnecessary. I’ve got an imagination. I’ve got a sense of empathy. It would not add anything to my understanding of the situation. It would serve nothing but

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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Hypocrisy

We should all unequivocally condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings as crimes of fascism. That’s what muslim fundamentalists are. That is their ideology. It is visible in their strategy. They should not be placated or made allowances for – ever. But

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The Only Church That Illuminates…

For many years it seems us secularists have been too timid in our defence of our liberties. Despite people of no religious views now forming the second largest religious classification in the UK (after the largely nominal followers of the

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Will We Ever End This Cycle Of Brutality?

No-one can look at the pictures of David Haines with his baby daughter or at the picture of him grim-faced and kneeling in his orange boiler suit, knowing he will never see his daughter again, never be there to comfort

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Pointless Polarisation Serves No-one

The notion of history to legitimise nation states is fallacious. The stability of national boundaries and even nations themselves is more often counted in decades than centuries so to delve back into history to justify national boundaries requires a selective

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Oh, For Christ’s Sake!

When the christian right (for it is always them) complain that they are a persecuted minority, they should be reminded of the past week when David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Jack Straw and God-knows-who-else have all been falling over themselves to

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You And Whose Army?

There is currently a petition doing the rounds on the internet supporting three Spurs supporters who are due in court, apparently accused of using the word “yid” in the terraces. The petition calls on all “true yiddos and yidettes” and indeed all

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Fuck My Old Boots: Swearing, Censorship and Control

Like many working class people I swear quite a lot. A linguist might say that it has become part of my idiolect. The same could be said of my family and friends (or some of them at least). I don’t

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Rationality Vs Religion

On the question of rationality versus religion, I am unequivocally on the side of rationality – but not the faux rationality that denies the experience of being human, reduces us to machines and mocks all it does not understand, just

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