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Mensi – Heath’s Lament

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Mensi was singer with the Angelic Upstarts. They were one of the second wave of punk bands. Working class bands that hadn’t been to art school. The Upstarts had a strong political message, as this poem…

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You Couldn’t Make It Up!

People across Facebook have raised £8 million for Cancer Research through no make-up selfies. According to Cancer Research this will be enough to fund ten additional clinical trials. This is approximately what just one pharmaceutical company (Novartis) makes in just

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Why It Will Never Be More Than 1 World Cup!

The Germans saved their game and a reaping the benefits. The English allowed their to be sold to the highest bidder and are seeing it wither and die. ” In 1993, a year after the Premier League appeared, the German FA

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Become More Middle Class? No Ta!

It seems as well as failing to instill “character” in our children, working class parents are failing to give our children an adequate cultural education as well! According to the Telegraph, “Working class children must learn to be middle class

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