The Poppy And Other Acts Of Remembrance

Poppy seeds can lie dormant in the ground for a long time. If the ground is disturbed from the early spring the seeds will germinate and the poppy flowers will grow. This is what happened during the First World War

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Have We Really Had Enough Of Experts?

The following article was originally written in 2013 but in the light of the EU Referendum, which has been characterised as a triumph of ignorance and misinformation over knowledge and reason, I thought it was worth giving it another airing.

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Gee Vaucher retrospective at Firstsite, Colchester, November 2016 – January 2017

Originally posted on The Hippies Now Wear Black:
In Autumn 2016 Firstsite, Colchester’s pre-eminent gallery for contemporary art, will host a retrospective of the work of Gee Vaucher, which will be curated by Stevphen Shukaitis and Gavin Grindon. Gee Vaucher…

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Oi, You Pretty Things!

Watching the full 15 minutes that the death of David Bowie was accorded on BBC’s News At Ten it occurred to me that while we all might get our 15 minutes of fame, very few of us will get our

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Dressing To The Right (Again)

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Rubens Has Been Shot (Again)!

I love history – and I love historical monuments. I love the feeling of walking in the footsteps of people hundreds and thousands of years past and the feeling of connection and continuity you get. But the outcry over the

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You’ve Been Framed

I did not watch the video of ISIS burning Moaz al-Kasasbeh alive. It was unnecessary. I’ve got an imagination. I’ve got a sense of empathy. It would not add anything to my understanding of the situation. It would serve nothing but

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Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Hypocrisy

We should all unequivocally condemn the Charlie Hebdo killings as crimes of fascism. That’s what muslim fundamentalists are. That is their ideology. It is visible in their strategy. They should not be placated or made allowances for – ever. But

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The Only Church That Illuminates…

For many years it seems us secularists have been too timid in our defence of our liberties. Despite people of no religious views now forming the second largest religious classification in the UK (after the largely nominal followers of the

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Sneaky Old Nigel

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