Latent News

Latent news is a surrealist game in which a newspaper is cut up and reassembled via objective chance. The result identifies the underlying content.

Metro (16/01/14)

On my e-reader break claiming personal injury lied and lied to the spirits. A man-eating communist teacher’s heroine caused an evolution. Take it! I screamed, “a mother stopped the Princess Royal to protect us you pervert!” The family that has everything is a bonus cap mental patient angry rant. Thousands of parents built using american spies and the ultimate alpine hideaway. Female serial killer cleaner stumbled upon a property porn cannabis shaming child. Some 976 million mistresses cut out of a patient’s stomach pieces of driftwood. Police data is a part time relationship. Unbelievable intrepid explorers going out. I was abused, wrecked my knees Pharoah but left suffering naked toilet scene about the bush for a smart look.


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