The Welfare State?

The State wishes it to be known that although it clearly couldn’t give a monkeys about working class kids being abused, it will launch a man-hunt should loving parents disagree with medical opinion.

At a time when many of those who desperately want medical treatment are denied because they or their health service cannot afford the price levied by the drugs companies, there is a grim irony in the apparatus of the state being used to track down parents who have withdrawn their son from hospital.

There is lots of discussion on social media about parents rights versus childrens rights – but it’s not as simple as that. Apparently they are Jehovah’s Witnesses and while their world-view is not one that I agree with, they do not appear to be abusers and bullies who their children need to be rescued from. Indeed they are prepared to go on the run for what they see as best. They will not have taken such a decision lightly. Medical opinion might disagree with that – but medical opinion is just that – opinion. It might be opinion backed by reports and the balance of probability; the doctors might be experts in their field – but that does not mean they have the right to impose that opinion if their argument fails to convince those who love that child most. To wheel out the mechanism of the state to find them and for the media to shamelessly act as an arm of the police force is not just wrong but muddle-headed. What will they do if they find the family? Force the child back into hospital? What then of the child’s rights?! If asked and able to answer he would doubtless choose to be with his family – but expert opinion knows better! Having been forced back into hospital, fed by a machine and probably now denied the support of his parents, do you think that’s really in his best interests? What of his siblings? Do they now risk being put into care by the oh-so-caring state that will abandon them to underfunded childrens homes, prey to paedophiles and pimps? If the state has the audacity to intervene then they better have an answer – but they don’t – so they should butt out!

This is the video released by the King family.

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