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Rubens Has Been Shot (Again)!

I love history – and I love historical monuments. I love the feeling of walking in the footsteps of people hundreds and thousands of years past and the feeling of connection and continuity you get. But the outcry over the

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Land and People

I love and respect the land I was born in but I do not recognise the artificial borders dictated by kings and politicians. I take pride in the achievements of my ancestors, my brothers and sisters. I celebrate the accumulated

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Why It Will Never Be More Than 1 World Cup!

The Germans saved their game and a reaping the benefits. The English allowed their to be sold to the highest bidder and are seeing it wither and die. ” In 1993, a year after the Premier League appeared, the German FA

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Still Looking For The Dribble-Down Effect

Transfer time again and we get the chance to hear about the lucrative contracts of top flight footballers. This carnival of greed feeds on the clubs’ desperation to stay in the top division as inequality in the distribution of footballing

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A Growing And Living Culture

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about English culture and how it needs to be defended. There are many things I love about the country of my birth – and just as many that I’d like to change. That’s

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