Land and People

19th-century mummers_ From a MS_ in the Bodleian Library

I love and respect the land I was born in but I do not recognise the artificial borders dictated by kings and politicians.

I take pride in the achievements of my ancestors, my brothers and sisters.

I celebrate the accumulated culture of thousands of years of interaction between us and our neighbours.

I do not celebrate the culture foisted on us by the imperialism of the rich, the proselytising of religion, or the consumerism of Hollywood.

I will not cloak myself in the blood red cross of a religion foisted on us by invaders from past empires.

I will not celebrate the Englishness of capitalist exploitation that enriches the ruling classes on the blood of working class squaddies and many thousands of innocent civilians.

I will celebrate a people who welcome the cultural and intellectual offerings of those who come here in peace and solidarity.

I will celebrate a living and evolving culture, not the dead hand of religion, monarchy and conservatism.

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