The Medicalisation Of Resistance

With the bandwagon jumping skills that have got him where he is today, Nick Clegg has used conjunction of the Lib-Dem Conference and World Mental Health Day to announce that the coalition will spend the princely sum of £120 million

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Will We Ever End This Cycle Of Brutality?

No-one can look at the pictures of David Haines with his baby daughter or at the picture of him grim-faced and kneeling in his orange boiler suit, knowing he will never see his daughter again, never be there to comfort

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Will You Salute The Curtains Or The Tablecloth?

While Scottish Independence is largely a matter for the Scottish people that’s not to say I don’t have a view – even if it is one of considered indifference. While Conservatives are at once both horrified at the break up of

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We’re Class Traitors & We Do What We Want

I have no interest in the last minute wheeler-dealing that’ll see another ageing star looking for one last pay day at Harry’s Home For Retired Workhorses. In fact I don’t care about any of it. We’ve been there and done

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Hello Pussycat. Why’ve You Got Your Head In A Bucket?

This week I have found myself feeling like the Smash robots observing the more bizarre aspects of human behaviour. The Ice Bucket Challenge has reportedly now raised over £48M. Whilst this is undoubtedly a partial testament to human generosity it

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The Welfare State?

The State wishes it to be known that although it clearly couldn’t give a monkeys about working class kids being abused, it will launch a man-hunt should loving parents disagree with medical opinion. At a time when many of those

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Pointless Polarisation Serves No-one

The notion of history to legitimise nation states is fallacious. The stability of national boundaries and even nations themselves is more often counted in decades than centuries so to delve back into history to justify national boundaries requires a selective

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This Machine Runs On Blood

The shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner was a tragic and avoidable waste of human life but for the US and Europe to use it to ramp up more anti-Russian rhetoric is hypocrisy of the highest order. Hillary Clinton, already

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YOUR England Can Never Be OUR England

YOUR England is a place of inequality; of fear, hate and abuse; of institutionalised sexism and exploitation of women: A place where it is better to blame the victim than to stand up to the bully; A place where workers

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Of Gove and Gramsci: A Battle for Hearts and Minds

Of Gove and Gramsci: A Battle for Hearts and Minds. An excellent article from the Norwich Radical.

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