This Machine Runs On Blood

The shooting down of the Malaysian Airliner was a tragic and avoidable waste of human life but for the US and Europe to use it to ramp up more anti-Russian rhetoric is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Hillary Clinton, already in campaigning mode for the US Presidency, has been particularly quick to say that, “Putin has gone too far… (and) we are not going to idly stand by.” Although she also says that, “Europeans should be the ones to take the lead,” and “There should be outrage in European capitals.” It is Clinton I am outraged with! To use European lives so brazenly as pawns in her election campaign is an outrage. It is through fighting US wars by proxy that we are in this mess in the first place! Clinton bears as much blame for the deaths of those aircraft passengers as Putin.

There is no evidence the Buk anti-aircraft system was supplied by Russia (although it may have been). The Ukrainian Ambassador said on Newsnight that a Ukrainian Buk had been seized by separatists. The inexpert use of the weapon supports this suggestion. That the separatists are shooting down planes is hardly a surprise when their cities are being bombed. But shooting down a civilian aircraft does not benefit them at all. It is either a horrendous accident caused by the incompetence of the separatists or a callous false-flag action by the Ukrainians. The latter cannot be ruled out as there have been several reports of false flag actions during the conflict.

And it is a conflict. So perhaps what we really need to ask is why civilian planes were still being routed over a warzone? Perhaps because it is in Western interests to describe this as an issue of domestic insurgence rather than coup and counter coup. What is happening in Ukraine is a civil war fuelled by both Western and Russian imperialism. This isn’t even a clash of ideologies anymore – merely a clash of empires. Empires who will both happily use the deaths of civilians to further their own ends.

The shooting down of a civilian aircraft is truly horrendous. Allowing our emotions to be manipulated by self-interested parties will only serve to ensure that these needless deaths are followed by still more.

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