YOUR England Can Never Be OUR England


YOUR England is a place of inequality; of fear, hate and abuse; of institutionalised sexism and exploitation of women: A place where it is better to blame the victim than to stand up to the bully; A place where workers have no right to a living wage, where they have no right to expect to be safe at work or be compensated if wronged against; A place where the sick are branded scroungers, where the unemployed are branded workshy and where the homeless are branded criminal; a place where those who care for the environment are branded terrorists.

OUR England is a place of tolerance and love; a place of sharing and innovation; a place where we live in harmony with the land; a place where people are entitled to expect a living wage, a roof over their head, food on the table – and yes, maybe a TV or a holiday too; a place where to stand up for your rights, and those of your brothers and sisters, is a duty not an act of treason; a place where we stand up for the underdog; a place where we enjoy our differences and learn from them rather than fear them.

You will never understand this. You are paid not to. Quislings and traitors; you sell our country short in the interests of an Australian mouthpiece for the super-rich.

Keep your lousy rag. Keep your brain pollution. Keep your hatred. Keep you kow-towing to authority.

YOUR England can never be OUR England.

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